Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends and Lovers - Part 1

Dance Tanvi, dance like no one's watching...Can't fight the moonlight...

7 am outside PVR. Under the stairs. On a school day. 'How useless are you Tanvi? Now hold the cigarette, inhale. no...stop coughing woman. You're just not made for smoking. Chuck it'

'Alright ladies, its the 3 of us, game of 21. Whoever loses treats the other 2'. Every afternoon. Class 12. Basketball court. Business Studies class.

'Do you think I am pretty?' 'Yes' 'But do you think I am hot?' 'I don't see you like that Tanvi'

The key is inside the car. We are outside. The umbrella's turned inside out. We are in white spaghettis. It's raining.

Yes, let's go to Big Chill. Though I have to warn you, I am rather Red today.

We cannot do this. What will she say? can't wear that dress! Wear the blue one...Hold on, I'll get Poddy on Conference...
Saturday evening con calls, before every party...
No Way! He did NOT say that? Oooo, did you see that chic? The one who was totally hitting on....Hold on, I'll get Neha on conference....
Sunday afternoon con calls, after every party....

Tanvi can you teach me systems?
But I'll flunk policy if I do
And I'll flunk systems if you don't
Alright let's do systems

Sim Cats and Idlis. Every Monday and Wednesday.
Mock Cats and Bhel. Every Tuesday and Thursday.

Avi, let's do Z....zeitgeist, zephyr, you string a sentence with these 3, so that I can remember...

...But you're only 20

You'll always be my girl from ipanema

Hi...We have 3 hours before our interview, you wanna head to American Diner to kill time?

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